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What is Bowen?
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Health Kinesiology?
Case Studies
"The most gentle, yet effective therapy I have ever experienced"
"As soon as I get any sports injury I call my Bowen therapist"
"One of the most straight forward and effective hands-on therapies available"
"My frozen shoulder melted after only a few Bowen moves - it was incredible"
"I slept soundly for the first time in years after that Bowen treatment"
"I feel so energized yet relaxed after Bowen"
"My migraine disappeared during my first treatment and after six months it has not returned"
"Only one treatment and my sciatica disappeared"

What is Health Kinesiology?

Health Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that is based on the premise that your body knows what is best for it. Each treatment is individually tailored to assist your body in its healing process: physical, emotional and/or psychological. It has proved effective in helping people de-stress and feel happier with themselves and supporting individuals through periods of crises, grief and times of change. Stress release often helps chronic pain and enables the individual to regain a sense of joy in their life. It can optimise sports performance thereby helping you to achieve your full potential. Also, it has a beneficial effect on intellectual functioning, thinking processes and memory.

Health Kinesiology is useful in identifying and working with nutritional imbalances, providing dietary and nutritional advice to rebalance the body by clearing blockages in the body's energy system, by applying gentle pressure on acupuncture points (no needles). Holding or tapping acupuncture points can retune the body's energy system.

Allergies and Tolerances:

You can be allergic to any substance: pollens, moulds, environmental substances, cosmetics, foods and drinks. Symptoms include skin rashes, respiratory and digestive problems.

Intolerance means the body can only cope with a certain amount of a substance and if that amount is exceeded the body reacts with symptoms which may be mistaken for allergy.

Allergy and Tolerance Tapping are Health Kinesiology techniques that can reduce the allergic reaction and can raise your tolerance level to certain substances.

A session lasts about one hour. The number of sessions required depends on the type of concern being addressed. Many people only need one session, others may benefit from a follow-up session after a month.