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"The most gentle, yet effective therapy I have ever experienced"
"As soon as I get any sports injury I call my Bowen therapist"
"One of the most straight forward and effective hands-on therapies available"
"My frozen shoulder melted after only a few Bowen moves - it was incredible"
"I slept soundly for the first time in years after that Bowen treatment"
"I feel so energized yet relaxed after Bowen"
"My migraine disappeared during my first treatment and after six months it has not returned"
"Only one treatment and my sciatica disappeared"

About Me

Lesley Lesley Miotto BSc, PGCE
Bowen Therapist
Reiki Healer
Health Kinesiology
Pilates, Exercise and Fitness Teacher

Until I discovered the Bowen Technique in the year 2000, I had devoted my life to teaching mathematics in both local and international secondary schools in East Africa and Saudi Arabia and then lecturing in a college of further and higher education in Kent. I have always been very interested in sport and qualified as both a tennis coach and swimming teacher. I play tennis socially and in box league matches. I keep fit by swimming, cycling, Pilates exercises and Tai Chi sessions.

One of my adult students in the Kent college offered me a Bowen treatment after noticing one day that I had a very stiff neck. I was so amazed at the gentleness and effectiveness of the treatment that I started researching hands-on light touch therapies and within six months I had completed the first level of the European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS) course, taken early retirement from lecturing, and decided that I would devote the rest of my life to healing! The Bowen technique soon resolved my younger son's asthma problem and has kept him injury free through his professional sporting career. Consquently, he has trained as a Bowen therapist.

After moving to Basingstoke in 2001, I met therapists practising Reiki and Kinesiology and the Emmett Technique and realised that those therapies could add an extra dimension to my work. Consequently, I trained and gained certificates in Reiki and HK, as well as for teaching Pilates/ exercise and fitness, so that I am able to supplement my therapy treatments with appropriate exercises and nutritional advice.

My clients have found the Bowen Plus therapy so effective that my practice has expanded almost entirely by their personal recommendations.

I take appointments at home or I can do home visits for clients who have difficulties in coming to my house.