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Case Studies
"The most gentle, yet effective therapy I have ever experienced"
"As soon as I get any sports injury I call my Bowen therapist"
"One of the most straight forward and effective hands-on therapies available"
"My frozen shoulder melted after only a few Bowen moves - it was incredible"
"I slept soundly for the first time in years after that Bowen treatment"
"I feel so energized yet relaxed after Bowen"
"My migraine disappeared during my first treatment and after six months it has not returned"
"Only one treatment and my sciatica disappeared"

Case Studies


"I can never thank Lesley enough for turning round my life" - Karen, aged 45.
Karen was suffering intense and constant lower back pain since having had a hip replacement. She had been advised to wear an insole in one shoe so as to correct the apparent leg length difference. After four Bowen treatments the pain was hardly noticeable and she no longer needed that insole, her pelvis had readjusted to its correct position, so no more "difference" in leg length.


"After only six months of regular treatments I no longer need my asthma puffers" - Alex, age 15.
Alex was on Becatide morning and evening for over two years and often needed to top up with Ventalin after vigorous exercise, especially if the weather was cold and damp. When he visited friends' houses breathing difficulties often occurred. A combination of Bowen, HK and nutritional advice raised Alex’s tolerance levels so that his system was able to cope more efficiently with the identified low tolerance substances. Alex has not needed his inhalers now for over two years.


"Why didn't my doctor tell me to avoid dairy produce" - George, aged 83
George had been on one course of antibiotics after another for many months because of a constant chest infection that would not clear up. After three weeks of Bowen, HK and Reiki and nutritional advice George's chest was clear. That was eight months ago and since then he has enjoyed good health.


"At last we can get some sleep" - Maria, aged 34.
Maria’s nine-week-old baby was suffering from colic and was obviously in pain. After one Bowen treatment the colic condition ceased.


"I am so pleased to have discovered Bowen and I have recommended it to many people" - Judith, aged 32.
34 weeks into her pregnancy was suffering with lower back and sciatic pain, making sleeping, walking and even sitting difficult. After one Bowen treatment she was relaxed and pain free.


"The longest gap in years with no migraine attacks" - Helen, aged 53.
Helen had been experiencing migraine attacks for over thirty years. They had recently become as frequent as twice a month and lasting for three days. She kept a diary and after three treatments she did not have another attack for two months, that attack was only for one day and has to date had no further attacks.


"I can now serve and smash again" - David, age 21.
David plays on the professional tennis circuit and after playing a long match in windy conditions noticed that his right shoulder started to ache. The next day he could not lift his right arm without severe pain. It took three Bowen treatments over four weeks and specific daily exercises to get him back into match play again. He now has regular "top-up" treatments most months as an injury prevention measure.


"My knee is not hurting" - Justin, aged 47.
Justin was a male nurse. He injured his knee on the side of a metallic bed when lifting a heavy patient, the result was great difficulty coming downstairs. He was advised to have a knee operation. A friend suggested he see a Bowen therapist first. After one treatment he felt no more pain in that knee, and he was able to manage the stairs much better. A week later he had another treatment and did the daily exercises prescribed. He no longer needed the operation and was amazed that such a non-invasive gentle therapy could make such a difference. In fact, most days for almost a month afterwards he telephoned me every day (to the annoyance of my husband!) to delightfully inform me that "my knee is not hurting"!


"It took me ages to find you (a Bowen therapist)" - Bob, aged 26
Bob had recently arrived from Australia and got a job as a chef in a local hotel. He worked long hours and soon after lifting a delivery of heavy refrigerated foods his back seized up. One treatment helped a lot, the second, after six days, resolved the problem. He was amazed that "everyone" had not heard about the effectiveness of Bowen Therapy here in England. "In Australia everyone goes to their Bowen therapist before their doctor"!


"I was miserable not being able to play golf for so long" - Hugh, aged 60
Hugh is a keen golfer. A pain in his left elbow had stopped him from participating for over a month. After two sessions including the Bowen procedure for tennis and golf elbow the pain had diminished considerably. After two further sessions Hugh was back on the golf course.


"After 40 years of suffering constant rheumatoid arthritis pain I am now pain free most of the time and even the doctors are amazed that my rheumatoid arthritis blood test has come out negative over this last two years" - Irma, 86
Irma has had two four-monthly Bowen Plus treatments over the last eight years. This has included a considerable adjustment to her nutritional intake. Gradually the frequency and the intensity of the arthritic pains has decreased.


"Look, I can lift both my legs now" - Emma, 53
Emma was only able to communicate through her computer, using one finger on her left hand. After eighteen months of regular Bowen Plus treatments (at least once a month) she is able to lift her head, speak, move her shoulders, arms and most of her fingers and lift up both legs when seated as much as fifteen centimetres above the footrest of her wheelchair.


Heather, aged 71
Luke, aged 39
Attacks have decreased in frequency from once every two weeks to once or twice a year.


"Bowen is the only therapy that keeps me going" - Chris, age 56.
"As soon as I feel an attack coming on I ring for a Bowen appointment" - Ela, age 23


"Bowen, HK and Reiki got me out of the house and even driving my car again" - Anthea, age 63
"It only took four Bowen treatments to get me out of my wheelchair and walking short distances" - Marian, age 42


"After only one treatment I did not have a panic attack for many weeks, even then it was much less severe than it used to be and I was able to control my emotions and cope with it" - Mary, 37


"I was very apprehensive about my next swimming lesson but after the HK treatment I put my head underwater and did not panic as I had done before" - Elena, 61
"I do not know where my courage came from but I managed to swim more than four strokes without having to hold on the side of the pool" - Sally, 63
Both Elena and Sally joined an adult swimming course. After the first lesson they both considered not continuing with the course: Elena had always had a fear of not being able to breathe and could not even put her head under a shower, Sally was fearful of sinking and always wanted one hand on the side of the pool! They each had one HK session after which they both managed to complete the swimming course and have even signed up for the next one!


"I don't know why I let that upset me!" - Robert, 48
Robert was in a stressful relationship. After one HK stress relief session, he was able to cope with confrontations without feeling 'stressed out' anymore.

"My confidence has increased dramatically" - Alan, 36
Alan was thinking of setting up his own business but was suffering from increasingly frequent headaches. Several stress issues were identified in the HK session and the appropriate energy corrections were completed.

"I don't seem to suffer from the cold as I used to" - Susan, 52
Susan had lived most of her life in warm, tropical countries. Since returning to England over ten years ago she had great difficulty in adjusting to the colder climate. She came for a HK session for stress relief and among several issues a fear of cold was identified.

HK Allergy/Tolerance Tapping

"My eyes stopped running after fifteen years!" - Florence, aged 78
Florence's eyes would always be watering. She went to a series of specialists but to no avail. One HK treatment identified a type of mould found on old carpets as the allergen. During the tapping treatment Florence's eyes stopped running. She was astounded. It was too simple a solution! She telephoned after one week and again after a month to say that the treatment was still working. Hopefully it still is. She got rid of her ‘mouldy old carpets’!

"The rash and itching disappeared as we were doing the allergy tapping" - Mother of Clare aged 2.
Clare came into the clinic eating a large piece of chocolate and crying. She had a fiery red rash on her face, arms and torso. Three allergens were soon identified, one being chocolate! Nutritional advice was given.

"That bloated feeling stopped after only a few days of restricting the specified foods to which I had a low tolerance" - Jim, aged 36
Jim suffered from a bloated feeling soon after every meal. Low tolerances were identified and quantified so that nutritional advice could be given.

"The change in my diet has given me so much energy. I feel great!" - Tony, age 29
Tony suffered from lack of energy, even first thing in the morning after a good night's sleep.
Low tolerances were identified, and nutritional advice given.